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The Benefits of
Keg Wine

Better Wine

Have you ever had a glass of wine at a restaurant or at home and it didn’t taste quite right? It had been opened a bit too long and was getting a tad bit tired?

Keg wines ensure every glass, from the first to the last tapped, has continuity of flavor, style and freshness! Oxygen does not have the opportunity to negatively impact the wine in kegs!

Eco Friendly

Did you know less than 30% of all glass gets recycled? One keg used for a wine over it’s lifetime will eliminate 3,000+ bottles, closures / foils, labels and boxes from the waste stream. Gotham Project alone has eliminated 700,00+ bottles and packaging since it’s inception.

The Gotham Project

Gotham is a collaboration between two very highly regarded & respected winemakers; Charles Biehler (Bielher Pere et Fils, Charles & Charles, Three Thieves) & Bruce Schneider (Schneider Vineyards, Schneider Selections, Onabay Vineyards).

These gents did not “invent” wine-on-tap, but they are the folks who have pioneered and set the 21st century standards for high quality soulful wines on tap.

Gotham Project’s inaugural release was “The Finger,” a 2009 Finger Lakes Riesling from Seneca Lake, NY, aka “The Middle Finger.” Once a few hard core friends began to offer Gotham on tap, they began to get requests for more options.

In order to offer a variety of soulful options, they turned to their own winemaking projects (NY, WA, CA, France & Portugal) and their friends from all across the globe to offer a collection of authentic & exciting juice from coast to coast and around the world.

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